Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Kid’s Bathroom


Let me first start by saying that these pictures suck.  This was the hardest room to photograph.  I was standing in the bathtub and the the vanity in order to get some of these shots…so I apologize.

There is A.LOT that I want to change in this room, mainly…everything.  The bones suck people.  The tile is cracked in places, the vanity is useless, the tub is gross, the medicine cabinet…again, useless.  And I don’t understand the tile on the one wall, half way up.  We have that great stuff in EVERY. SINGLE. BATHROOM in our house.  Ugh. 

All of these things I would like to fix, but for now we are living with it.  At least I made it look cute, right?!?!


My main issue with the vanity is that it doesn’t have drawers.  The girls need drawers.  It was honey oak when we moved in and I painted it black.


Above the toilet I hung the floating shelves.  They hold the wash clothes and soap that were always being screamed for from the shower before. 


The porthole may be my favorite thing in the room.




The whale was found at Goodwill for $3.  I just spray painted it.  It used to be a really bad blue and they drew a mouth and an eye with a sharpie on it.  It was so ugly, but I could see it’s potential.


I notice now that I didn’t get a photo of the tile floor.  It’s black, sorry.  Smile

Monday, July 28, 2014

when you have friends…

that contribute to your hoard, you know you have found a good one!  My friend, Kelly over at Modern Mothballs has been on the road for her job a lot lately and when she does she always finds an antique mall or two to stop in.  We share a love of vintage, good deals and home d├ęcor…we are like peanut butter and jelly.  Kelly will always send me a text that she is stopping and then she starts sending me pictures!! 

image (1)

I love it, it’s like treasure hunting from my couch!

Here are some of the recent finds that Kelly has brought back…

imageimage (3)image (4)image (5)

And because Kelly is just the sweetest thing in the world, she sometimes picks up things for me because she knows that I would LOVE it!  She bought this for me at a Vintage Market recently.  I just love it.  I have him sitting on my sofa table in the living room.

image (2)

I have already listed all of these things (except the gazelle/ram thing) in the shop.  Do you have BFF that shares in your vintage obsession or a shopping partner in crime?

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Charlotte’s Room

Hi Friends!  Today I want to share Charlotte’s Room with you.  I feel like her room is the most complete out of all of the bedrooms in our house.  But of course there are still things that I want to do before I can call it “DONE”. 

Her room really was completed on a budget. Most things were found at Goodwill or thrift stores or DIY projects. The only things that I bought new were the triangle decals, rug, duvet, and a few pillows.

So get ready for tons of pictures!


Lets start by talking about the big elephant in the room!  I found that guy at Goodwill and couldn’t get it in my cart fast enough.  I had no idea where I would put him but he was awesome.  It is literally a stuffed animal head, so it isn’t heavy.  That is way I feel comfortable with it above her bed, it really doesn’t weigh too much.  I also got her bed from Craigslist for $20 and spray painted it.  And the watercolor art was done by me…don’t look at it too closely, I am no artist!  The “Get It Girl” pillow was purchased on Etsy from Michelle Dwight.  I just love it!


The dresser I got off of Craigslist for $15 and just painted it bright yellow.


The bookcase was made by my stepdad when Caroline was baby, it lived in her room for several years.  I really need to find a way to conceal the intercom box.



I found the afghan blanket at goodwill and the hot pink triangle decals are from All 4 Walls.  The duvet is from H&M.



I made the curtains using a no sew tutorial.  I can’t remember which one I used but they are all pretty much the same…Google it.


The large white elephant was from Homegoods.


The brass giraffe bookends are a vintage find, they are available in the shop!


I purchased this little print from Groopdealz.  It’s from a shop called Cicada.


Well, that’s it!  I hope that you like it, I know that Ms. Charlotte does so that makes this Momma happy!  Have a great day, ya’ll!

Friday, June 13, 2014

St Louis Gypsy Caravan

On Memorial Day, my friends, Kelly and Susan and I went to the annual Gypsy Caravan.  The caravan is an annual event that takes place every year on Memorial Day and is put on by the St Louis Symphony.  It is a large flea market with lots of goodies, food trucks and lemonade shake ups, what’s not to love?!?  This was my first time going to the market so I didn’t know what to expect.  We had a great time and left hot, sweaty and sunburnt.

I really wasn’t looking for items for the shop but I found a few things that I couldn’t leave behind.  So I will share what came home with me.

First up is this awesome arrow bookend.  I love this thing, it’s so cool.  I added it to the shop and then shared a picture of it on Instagram and within a day it was gone.  Nancy over at Powell Brower at Home bought it for a client.  I hope that she shares a picture of the bookend in it’s forever home. Winking smile


I saw these from a distance and quickly made my way to them.  They weren’t priced so I figured that they would be too much.  I asked the man how much and when he told me the price I couldn’t say “I’ll take them” fast enough!  I think that these decanters would be so chic on a barcart.


I wasn’t sure about this one.  I am not a fashion blogger, but this little gold purse is so cute.  It metal and in great shape.  It is a vintage Koret clutch.  Again, I know nothing about vintage handbags but I just thought this was stunning.



Next up is this brass letter opener.  I have a hard time leaving any brass object behind…so it came home with me.


Know anyone that smokes a pipe?  Yeah, me either but because I am a brass hoarder I now have one!


So that was my haul from the Gypsy Caravan!  We had a great time and I am sure that we will brave the crowds again next year.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Thrift report–planters!

Hey guys!  Sorry for the radio silence…I will do better, promise!  Anyway, today’s thrift report is all about some pretty awesome planters that I have picked up lately.  Indoor plants are all the rage these days…succulents, we can’t get enough of them.  I think that any of these planters would look fantastic with your favorite little green friend in them.

Here is what I picked up…


This dark green one is marked USA 75 on the bottom.


This one has USA on the side towards the bottom, but nothing on the bottom.


This one marked Norton USA 312.


And this little guy is my favorite of them all.  There are no markings but I think he would look awesome with a little green plant.

The first three planters were all found in one trip to Value Village.  The bird planter was found at an antique mall…I can’t remember with one.  Have ya’ll found anything good this week?  And have ya’ll jumped on the succulent trend?

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Thrift Report

Hi Friends!

We here is StL survived yet another snow/ice/sleet storm over the weekend.  I am praying that it was our last.  I am so ready for warmer weather!  I am sure that I am not the only one dreaming of the tropics, this winter has been ruthless.  I did manage to get a little thrifting in while the kids were at school (they seem to have a snow day at least once a week!).  So here is what I got…

This ginger jar is just so pretty.  I picked it up in a neighboring city at a shop that is only open one weekend a month.  I try to get there every month but sometimes I miss out.  I usually shop for myself when I go there, so I am keeping this one!


I found this set of Culver glasses at Goodwill.  The gold banding is flawless and just so pretty.


I also found this pair of vintage wire floral frogs at the same Goodwill as the Culver glasses.  I thought these were just so cool.  I love that the paint is all chippy and I really like the metal tag with 61 on it.


And then there is this very regal looking pup.  I picked up this Staffordshire dog at a local consignment shop that I don’t normally frequent because it is packed to the gills and taking a 2.5 year old in there is out of the question!  I got a few hours to myself and made my way there to wander around.


And finally, I found this set of glasses on a different adventure to Goodwill.  I was drawn to the color on these glasses.  The red flowers are fun and happy!  They are by Tastesetter.


That’s what I picked up this week, did you find anything awesome?

Peace out!


Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Dining Room

Okay, so I am back with another room to share!  I am afraid that this room is kind of boring…as in, Oh my gosh, there is nothing in this room!  We just recently purchased the table and chairs from Craigslist.  It is originally from World Market but buying it secondhand we got it for way cheaper!  I don’t think that the bench is available any longer.  So we have only had furniture in this room for a short time and like all rooms in our house, it is a work in progress.  The color of the walls is Wrought Iron by Behr (Home Depot).


The doorway over there with the 1980s intercom/radio system leads to the kitchen.  Seriously, the intercom system has a cassette tape player in it and the black box above it is a cd player…it’s old.  But I have surprised myself with how often I use that thing!!  I can turn on the radio and have it play all throughout the house (used a lot when I am cleaning) and I use it nearly everyday to call the kids down to dinner.  I love that I  1) don’t have to walk upstairs to tell Caroline to come down and eat and 2) I don’t have to yell for Caroline to come to eat when I am too lazy to walk upstairs. Ha!


I need curtains, like yesterday!  I think I am just going to do white…simple.


I want to get a hutch for the long wall that I will probably paint white.  I have been on the look out for something perfect.  I hope that I find it soon.


I really don’t like that there is carpet in the dining room, but it’s there and we will live with it until we replace all of the carpet/flooring in the lower level.


I just recently stained the handrails a darker color.  They were honey oak.  I really like how they turned out.  I also need to hang something on the wall to hide the outlet…not sure what though.


The plate wall that I told you about here.


I really love the crown molding in this room.  When we moved it all of the moldings were honey oak (ugh, I hate it so much) including the crown moldings.  We painted it all white and boy oh boy did it make a huge difference.


I think that I need to change the chandelier too.  I’m not loving this one…it feels really dated to me and I don’t love it.

So that is the dining room, in all of its glory!!  Thanks for stopping by today!!

Peace out,


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