Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Thrift Report–What is this stuff?

When I am thrifting I look for things that speak to me, things that I like and things that I would love to keep if I were a hoarder, ahem.  Make no mistake, I have no vast knowledge of vintage anything…if its cute or unique, I like it! 

So it is no surprise that sometimes I buy things that I have no idea what in the heck they are.  That was what happened this week.  The first two items listed below I am not really sure what they are.  Do you know?

I really liked the colors on this canister. 


I think maybe this is a cotton ball canister.  I love the retro floral pattern.  The gold leaf around the rim of the lid is awesome had the thrift store not used tape to keep the lid on (when taking the tape off some of the gold leaf came off too…boo).


This is a 3L, Carlton Glass cookie jar.  The lid is plastic and the graphics are in mint condition.


And last but not least, this little beauty!  The etching is so pretty.  I love it!



What did you find this week?  And does anyone know what I found??

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Thrift Report

Hi everyone!  My kids have been keeping me hopping and I have been sick but I did manage to get a little thrifting in!  Here is a peek into what I found…

This little cream and sugar set has me a bit stumped.  It doesn’t have any markings on the bottom so I can’t figure out the marker.  Anyone know?  The little brass finial on the lid is so pretty.


I wasn’t sure what this was when I saw it in the case but after looking at it I realized that it is a door knocker!  How fun would this been on the door of a golf lover!!??


And this precious pup planter…I couldn’t leave her behind.  Her face is just the sweetest.  The original Relpo sticker is still on the bottom.  I just think she is adorable.


So that is what I found this week, did you find anything good?

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