Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The Foyer

Lets start this house tour with the foyer.  It only seems right since it is what you see when stepping in our front door.  And let me also say that it was really hard getting photos of this space…like really hard.  So the photos suck, just saying.


There is a small wall that you look at just as you enter the door.  I did a navy and white chevron pattern on the wall.  Some say chevron is done and I have to agree that it is EVERYWHERE but I love my little wall.


My Mom gave me the antique dresser.  I painted it SW Lucky.  I kinda of love it.  It’s fun and I love the color against the navy and white.


The mirror is from Hobby Lobby.  I used antique gold Rub n’ Buff on it.  It was a pain in the you know what to paint but it was worth it.



The lamp, milk glass, brass bowl and picture frame were all thrift finds.  The polar bear was a HomeGoods find a few years ago.


The bench I found at an estate sale.  It was nasty.  I reupholstered the seat and made it pretty again.  The vintage owl umbrella stand was a Craigslist score.  I never have good luck with Craigslist, but this was an exception.

There is one overhead light in the foyer and lets just say that it is bad.  I haven’t decided what would look awesome in its place so this is how it will stay until I decide.  Any suggestions?


I also need a rug.  I can’t decide on that either.  Should I get a small rug for just in front of the door or should I get a larger area rug?  I need your help!


The navy wall over there is the dining room.  It’s up next!


So that’s the foyer.  Got any rug or lighting suggestions?

Monday, January 27, 2014

How we do things ‘round here.

Honestly, I am feeling a bit intimidated by this whole blogging gig.  I am feeling as though I’m not good enough or my house isn’t magazine worthy and why would anyone want to see my little projects.  I feel like I always have to show the amazingly awesome photos with the styling just perfect and that is why I haven’t really done any of that…I am scared of not being good enough. 

My house isn’t perfect. I am not perfect and I need to except that my house will not be perfect.  For instance, I am sitting at the kitchen table writing this blog post and my elbow is sticky from the syrup the two year old dripped from her breakfast.  Yep.   I have three kids people, if shit isn't ruined in 6 months we are doing good. 

I want to keep things real around this joint.  I want to chronicle the process of making our house a home.   I will work on a room for a few weeks and then lose my mojo or get distracted by another project or worse yet, look at what I have done so far and say “what was I thinking”.  So it can be months or years until a room is ever “done”.  But I want to share the steps on the blog so that I can remember where our house started and also to show all of you what is going on. 

I am not sure how some bloggers are able to pull off spending all of the money that they do in order to have things to blog about.  I am not the type of decide to re-do a room in my house and go out and buy all new things at one time.  I just can’t…I won’t.   We are a no debt family.  We don’t use credit cards or take out loans.  We are debt free expect for our mortgage.  If I want to buy something for the house it has to be put into the budget and saved for.  Depending on how expensive the item, it could be months before we are able to make the purchase.  I’m not saying that I don’t impulse buy at Target like everyone else, I just don’t impulse buy anything over $20.  Yes, sometimes this is a total pain.  But there are times when it works out in our favor, either the item goes on sale or I change my mind because it wouldn’t work for our house.  We have lived in our house for 4 years.  Just until recently we had no furniture in our dining room, no furniture in the very first room people see when they enter our house.  Why??  Because we knew what we wanted, what we wanted was kind of expensive and we didn’t want to waste money on “filler” furniture that we didn’t like for the sake of filling a room.  A few months ago we found the perfect table and chairs on Craigslist for half the price that it sold for in the store.  Did I hate having an empty dining room?  You bet.  Am I glad that we waited and got what we wanted?  Absolutely.

So here is what I am thinking…over the next few weeks I will share each room in our house.  Even if the room is not “finished”.  I will also share our plans for each of the rooms and maybe where the room started when we moved in.  I am really excited for ya’ll to see my honey-oak kitchen cabinets with teal countertops…NOT!!  Ha!  Oh, and let’s not forget the carpet in our master bathroom (why do people still put carpet in bathrooms?!?!?!)! 

I hope that ya’ll are okay with not so perfect photos and rooms that aren’t magazine worthy all of the time…Shitz about to get real!!!


Tuesday, January 14, 2014

A Fresh Mantle

Hello Friends!  Today I want to share with you my mantle!  After the Christmas decorations were taken down, I looked at an empty mantle for a few weeks.  I needed to sit with it for a bit, tell me I am not the only one that does that?  I wanted to change things up a bit and I knew that I wanted something fun and fresh.  It has been a rough winter so far here in the good ol’ Midwest so I needed something that would breathe life into my drab living room.  I was craving some color.  So here is what I came up with…


The painting my sister gave me for Christmas last year.  I just love it…girl has mad skillz!



The star thing is actually a tea light holder, I just placed it so that you can’t see the opening at the top!  And I found it at Goodwill for $2!  Double Bonus!!  The brass pineapple was also a thrifting find as were the brass candle sticks.


I made the Hello picture.  I just printed the hello out from my computer and then used a gold sharpie paint pin to color it in.  It’s in an Ikea frame.  It was a quick and easy project.


I love finding and collecting vintage books.  If they have a nice cover and they are in good condition I will usually buy them.  Funny story, I was thrifting in small town about an hour from my home and went to a place that was just crazy.  I mean, stuff was just everywhere in boxes and laying on the floor.  Windows were broken out of the building and there were not very many lights (like sometimes I had to use my phone to see where I was going).  Crazy.  Anyway, I dug (literally, dug out of a box that was under another box) an old book about Abe Lincoln.  I took it to the front counter to see how much it was.  Did I forget to mention that nothing, NOTHING was priced?  Yeah.  So I asked the old guy how much for the book.  He looked at for a minute and said “I like to read.  I like history.  $20 for the book.”  I told him to keep it.  I mean seriously, he didn’t even know he had that darn book!  I just found it for him…ugh.  Anyway, I use vintage books all over my house.  I love them, if they don’t cost $20. Winking smile


The antelope is from Target a few seasons back.


So there is my mantle.  I kind of love it.  Am I the only one craving me some color right now?

Monday, January 13, 2014

Sharing my barcart


Bar carts are all the rage these days.  It seems like they are everywhere, heck even Target has one!  And have you seen the bar carts at Society Social?  They are swoon worthy for sure!

Anyway, I wanted a bar cart.  Well, because, who doesn’t?!?  Problem is…we aren’t big drinkers.  I honestly can’t tell you the last time I had a cocktail.  But I wanted a bar cart!

I found one while out thrifting.  It was the perfect size, not too big and not too small and the price was right…$25.  So I snatched that puppy up!

So remember me telling you that we don’t drink?  Yeah, I had nothing to put on this bar cart!  I wanted something that wasn’t just for the adults so I made our bar cart kid friendly!  I added some fun water bottles (Andy Warhol addition Perrier, found at Target), some fun straws and napkins (found at TJMaxx), pretty glasses (available in the shop), some lemons and a fabulous ice bucket (available in the shop).  I just love how it turned out!



Do you have a barcart?  What’s on yours?

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