Monday, January 27, 2014

How we do things ‘round here.

Honestly, I am feeling a bit intimidated by this whole blogging gig.  I am feeling as though I’m not good enough or my house isn’t magazine worthy and why would anyone want to see my little projects.  I feel like I always have to show the amazingly awesome photos with the styling just perfect and that is why I haven’t really done any of that…I am scared of not being good enough. 

My house isn’t perfect. I am not perfect and I need to except that my house will not be perfect.  For instance, I am sitting at the kitchen table writing this blog post and my elbow is sticky from the syrup the two year old dripped from her breakfast.  Yep.   I have three kids people, if shit isn't ruined in 6 months we are doing good. 

I want to keep things real around this joint.  I want to chronicle the process of making our house a home.   I will work on a room for a few weeks and then lose my mojo or get distracted by another project or worse yet, look at what I have done so far and say “what was I thinking”.  So it can be months or years until a room is ever “done”.  But I want to share the steps on the blog so that I can remember where our house started and also to show all of you what is going on. 

I am not sure how some bloggers are able to pull off spending all of the money that they do in order to have things to blog about.  I am not the type of decide to re-do a room in my house and go out and buy all new things at one time.  I just can’t…I won’t.   We are a no debt family.  We don’t use credit cards or take out loans.  We are debt free expect for our mortgage.  If I want to buy something for the house it has to be put into the budget and saved for.  Depending on how expensive the item, it could be months before we are able to make the purchase.  I’m not saying that I don’t impulse buy at Target like everyone else, I just don’t impulse buy anything over $20.  Yes, sometimes this is a total pain.  But there are times when it works out in our favor, either the item goes on sale or I change my mind because it wouldn’t work for our house.  We have lived in our house for 4 years.  Just until recently we had no furniture in our dining room, no furniture in the very first room people see when they enter our house.  Why??  Because we knew what we wanted, what we wanted was kind of expensive and we didn’t want to waste money on “filler” furniture that we didn’t like for the sake of filling a room.  A few months ago we found the perfect table and chairs on Craigslist for half the price that it sold for in the store.  Did I hate having an empty dining room?  You bet.  Am I glad that we waited and got what we wanted?  Absolutely.

So here is what I am thinking…over the next few weeks I will share each room in our house.  Even if the room is not “finished”.  I will also share our plans for each of the rooms and maybe where the room started when we moved in.  I am really excited for ya’ll to see my honey-oak kitchen cabinets with teal countertops…NOT!!  Ha!  Oh, and let’s not forget the carpet in our master bathroom (why do people still put carpet in bathrooms?!?!?!)! 

I hope that ya’ll are okay with not so perfect photos and rooms that aren’t magazine worthy all of the time…Shitz about to get real!!!


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  1. Great post! I struggle with this, too. With a full time (and then some) job on top of the Etsy shop, I find that blogging usually falls to the bottom of the to-do list. And then I feel guilty. I constantly have to remind myself that I'm doing this because it's FUN! ;) And I think perfection is so much less interesting than reality. I can't wait to see your house tour series.


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