Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Dining Room

Okay, so I am back with another room to share!  I am afraid that this room is kind of boring…as in, Oh my gosh, there is nothing in this room!  We just recently purchased the table and chairs from Craigslist.  It is originally from World Market but buying it secondhand we got it for way cheaper!  I don’t think that the bench is available any longer.  So we have only had furniture in this room for a short time and like all rooms in our house, it is a work in progress.  The color of the walls is Wrought Iron by Behr (Home Depot).


The doorway over there with the 1980s intercom/radio system leads to the kitchen.  Seriously, the intercom system has a cassette tape player in it and the black box above it is a cd player…it’s old.  But I have surprised myself with how often I use that thing!!  I can turn on the radio and have it play all throughout the house (used a lot when I am cleaning) and I use it nearly everyday to call the kids down to dinner.  I love that I  1) don’t have to walk upstairs to tell Caroline to come down and eat and 2) I don’t have to yell for Caroline to come to eat when I am too lazy to walk upstairs. Ha!


I need curtains, like yesterday!  I think I am just going to do white…simple.


I want to get a hutch for the long wall that I will probably paint white.  I have been on the look out for something perfect.  I hope that I find it soon.


I really don’t like that there is carpet in the dining room, but it’s there and we will live with it until we replace all of the carpet/flooring in the lower level.


I just recently stained the handrails a darker color.  They were honey oak.  I really like how they turned out.  I also need to hang something on the wall to hide the outlet…not sure what though.


The plate wall that I told you about here.


I really love the crown molding in this room.  When we moved it all of the moldings were honey oak (ugh, I hate it so much) including the crown moldings.  We painted it all white and boy oh boy did it make a huge difference.


I think that I need to change the chandelier too.  I’m not loving this one…it feels really dated to me and I don’t love it.

So that is the dining room, in all of its glory!!  Thanks for stopping by today!!

Peace out,



  1. Such a beautiful blue. I can understand why you're on the fence about the chandelier, but the brass actually looks really pretty agains the blue walls. I'm also in love with the circular mirror on the chevron wall.

  2. I love your blue walls! The chevron and green look amazing together. Do you have an Ikea near you? I just purchased white linen-like curtains for $25.00 for the pair.

    PS. I received my card in the mail today. Thank you sweet friend! I'm so glad you enjoyed your pillow. Your thoughtful words made my day!!

  3. I like your chandelier, but what you really need is a Sputnik! Just imagine it with those blue walls...


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