Thursday, June 12, 2014

Thrift report–planters!

Hey guys!  Sorry for the radio silence…I will do better, promise!  Anyway, today’s thrift report is all about some pretty awesome planters that I have picked up lately.  Indoor plants are all the rage these days…succulents, we can’t get enough of them.  I think that any of these planters would look fantastic with your favorite little green friend in them.

Here is what I picked up…


This dark green one is marked USA 75 on the bottom.


This one has USA on the side towards the bottom, but nothing on the bottom.


This one marked Norton USA 312.


And this little guy is my favorite of them all.  There are no markings but I think he would look awesome with a little green plant.

The first three planters were all found in one trip to Value Village.  The bird planter was found at an antique mall…I can’t remember with one.  Have ya’ll found anything good this week?  And have ya’ll jumped on the succulent trend?

1 comment:

  1. Wonderful collection of planters. These all are looking very beautiful and I liked all of these. Contemporary Indoor Planters are perfect for home interior decoration.


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