Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Kid’s Bathroom


Let me first start by saying that these pictures suck.  This was the hardest room to photograph.  I was standing in the bathtub and the the vanity in order to get some of these shots…so I apologize.

There is A.LOT that I want to change in this room, mainly…everything.  The bones suck people.  The tile is cracked in places, the vanity is useless, the tub is gross, the medicine cabinet…again, useless.  And I don’t understand the tile on the one wall, half way up.  We have that great stuff in EVERY. SINGLE. BATHROOM in our house.  Ugh. 

All of these things I would like to fix, but for now we are living with it.  At least I made it look cute, right?!?!


My main issue with the vanity is that it doesn’t have drawers.  The girls need drawers.  It was honey oak when we moved in and I painted it black.


Above the toilet I hung the floating shelves.  They hold the wash clothes and soap that were always being screamed for from the shower before. 


The porthole may be my favorite thing in the room.




The whale was found at Goodwill for $3.  I just spray painted it.  It used to be a really bad blue and they drew a mouth and an eye with a sharpie on it.  It was so ugly, but I could see it’s potential.


I notice now that I didn’t get a photo of the tile floor.  It’s black, sorry.  Smile

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  1. Love what you have done with their bathroom! I think my son has the same shower curtain. I have been wanting to put towel hooks like the ones you have in his bathroom...I'm so over the towel bar!


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