Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Thrift Report!

Hi guys! It has been a crazy summer at our house and now that the kids are back in school I feel like I can breathe.  Our summer consisted of a surgery, another hospital stay, birthday parties, baptisms, a trip to Milwaukee, Cardinals baseball, swim team practices and swim meets. We did manage to enjoy the pool a lot, so that made the kids happy!

Now that the kids are back in school my thrifting schedule is back on track! I was beginning to go through withdrawals…I kid, I kid. <not really>

I have picked up some fun stuff in the last few weeks so I thought that I would share. Thrift Report is BACK!

I found two sets of bamboo handle utensils.  The first set has really long handles, so I’m guessing they are appetizer forks or some sort of serving fork.  The second set have a fantastic handle and are more of a butter or spreading knife.  I think they are both amazing.


I have been finding tons of bookends! These elephants may be my favorites! I think that they would be adorable in a nursery but would also look very chic on any bookshelf.


I mean, who doesn’t love a brass unicorn. I can’t leave them behind.


These glasses are just beautiful. They are Georges Briard and the colors are simply amazing.


And these Culver glasses…the gold stripes. I die.


This little teal waste basket is in perfect condition. On one side it says “Things ‘n Stuff” and on the other “litter basket”.  The graphics are fun.


I have had great luck with glassware and these are stunning.


Are your kids back in school? Have you gotten back into the swing of things? I am happy to be able to go thrifting without kids!  My baby started Preschool three days a week for a few hours each day. Those 2.5 hours fly by and the time to myself is wonderful.  But I sure do miss her and love seeing her big smile when she sees me in the pick up lane!

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